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Used / Pre-Owned Blasting Equipment  

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Open Bid - Replacement parts for a BCP Autoblast Wheel, all parts listed below sold in one lot.

Call today with your offer: 864-905-1354.

7 Wheel Kits - C109706

2 Wheel Kits - C10975

15 End Liners - C62507

8 End Liners - C126618

6 Top Liners - C59036

7 End Liners - C60756

3 Centering Plates - C49475

6 Impellers -  C057531

5 Wide Control Cages - C102127

3 Narrow Control Cages - C102028  - All Parts sold in one lot.  Call today and make an offer 864-905-1354

In addition to selling and servicing new equipment, Delong Equipment has a complete inventory or used or pre-owned equipment. At Delong, our program offers the opportunity for the customer to purchase the machine as is, or have the machine rebuilt in our shop using new components bringing it to a "like new" condition.

Our used equipment program includes:

  • Wheel blast Equipment
    • Tumble Blasts
    • Spinner Hangers
    • Roll Conveyors
    • Monorails
    • Tables
    • Wire Mesh Belts

    In addion to our used machines, please check out our new top qulaity wheelblast equipment.

  • Airlbast Equipment
    • Blast Rooms
    • Blast Cabinets
    • Blast and  Recovery Systems

    We also carry a line of new airlblast equipment for cosmetic finishing and cleaning requirements. 

  • Dust Collection Equipment
  • Vibratory Finishing Equipment
  • Industrial Parts Washers

Call us today, if you need assistance in selling your used equipment. We work with all of our customers to get the most out of their equipment.

Featured Used Equipment is Available Today:

Wheelabrator TBS 12 Tumblast - (Wheel Blast)

Wheelabrator TBS 12 Tumblast

Complete 24" Rotary screen Separator, BDEEZ-Fit 40 HP, 3600 Direct Drive Blast Wheels.New Links, Pins and Plow Bolts. This unit is powered and running at our Duncan, South Carolina facility.

Freight:FOB – Duncan South Carolina
Dust Collector, Loader or Take Away Conveyor priced separately
Replacement Parts Available





12 x 15 x 10 Blast Room – (Air Blast)  -  SOLD

Wheelabrator 9 Cu Ft with Loader and Take Away Conveyor.   Wheelabrator 9 Cu Ft with Loader and Take Away Conveyor.  

Air blast Room  is to be sold complete with existing floor with 4 longitudinal agugers and 1 cross auger. Lighting is in excellent shaper, Schmidt Pot included.  Dimensions of Room 12'W x 15' L x 10' H.  6000 CFM Dust Collector Included. 

Price:$20.000.00 - Customer will be responsible for the removal of the system.

This unit must be removed the 2nd week of March                                                      
Freight: FOB - Duncan, South Carolina - Customer responsible for all freight

Replacement parts can be quoted optional                                                            

Removal quote and Installation quote can be provided on request
Dust Collector Included - 6000 CFM Bag Collector with 5" static pressure

Terms - payment due upon reciept of invoice prior to shipment


Pangborn Roto-Spin - (Wheel Blast)

Wheelabrator 9 Cu Ft with Loader and Take Away Conveyor.   Wheelabrator 9 Cu Ft with Loader and Take Away Conveyor.

Pangborn Roto-Spin II, includes 2-15 HP Blast Wheels (130DD-2RK1). The work opening is 30" high by 36" wide.  The hook weight is 300-500 lbs. and the machine footprint is 8' x 8 '.

480 Volt 

Price:Call for Pricing
Freight: FOB - Duncan, South Carolina
Replacement Parts can be quoted optional



HUNTER 1993 Model HMP 10D - Serial No. 92mp-d1060

Hunter   Hunter

Model HMP 10D, 14/19 flask,  8 inches deep, touch screen operated.

Price: $48,000 or Best Offer
 Contact:  Chad Griffin, 704-448-0318,
This machine is in good operative condition and is availability immediately

FabricMax Dust Collector -Serial No. 2589

Model # FJL-16-4-H

Voltage 230-460, Amps 50.35, 20HP, 1725 RPM

3 Phase, 60 cycle

16 cartridges, 8000 CFM Dust Collector

Price:Call for Pricing and more details
Freight: FOB – Atlanta, Georgia


Used Dust Collectors 

Automated Flow Thru Almco Model AV-30FTL   Automated Flow Thru Almco Model AV-30FTL

We have a variety of used dust collectors, ranging from 5,000 CFM to 8,000 CFM.

Price: $2.00 per CFM
Freight: FOB – Duncan, South Carolina


Used Air Compressors

Please call for a complete listing of air compressors with specs and pricing.


Titan 4848 Pressure  Blast Cabinet - (Air Blast)


Wheelabrator TBS 12 Tumblast

Machine is to be sold complete, includes a 2 cartridge dust collector and hepa after filter.

Price: $6,500
Freight: FOB – Duncan, South Carolina

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