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Metal Finishing Services

Delong's extensive range of metal finishing services enable us to assist our customers in maximizing profitability ,productivity, and efficiency. If you need extra capacity during heavy production time, or don't have the right equipment, our Atlanta and Greenville Job Shop facilities can supply the knowledge, technique and manpower to give your job the finish it requires. Our metal finishing services include: deburring, burnishing, shot peening, and all types of general purpose cleaning, such as mill scale, rust, and oil/grease removal. We use a variety of metal finishing equipment in our job shops, including an eight-wheel monorail wheel blast machine, tumble blast wheel machines, vibratory bowls/ovals and dryers, and multiple air blast cabinets. Our metal finishing equipment expertise ensures excellence in our metal finishing services, giving you the peace of mind in delivering top quality parts to your customers.

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Air Blast Services

Our Airblast Finishing Services delivers a very cost effective solution for cleaning, peening ,deburring, finishing, removing coatings or otherwise improving the surface being treated. We offer varying velocities of blasting and are capable of handling high volume or small limited production. We have the right machine for tougher cleaning jobs and can deliver high abrasive velocity for greater impact intensity.

Vibratory Finishing Services

Our Vibratory Finishing Services has the most widely used type of mechanical finishing equipment. We have the capabilities to process a high volume of parts and we take the time to look at different processing times, media, compounds and equipment to find the right combination for the desired finish. We handle many different types of metal such as ferrous, aluminum, zinc, copper and stainless. Vibratory Finishing is used for deburring, radiusing, burnishing, degreasing, rust removal , rust inhibiting, and parts washing.

Wheel Blasting Services

Delong features top quality, versatile and durable wheel blast equipment as part of Wheel Blast Finishing services offering. The majority of our wheel blast equipment encompasses four basic designs: tumble blast machines, table machines, spinner hanger machines, and continuous or in-line blast designs. Tumble blast machines for batch processing range in size from 1.5 cubic feet to 34 cubic feet, and are available with rubber or steel belts. Table machines for cleaning larger work pieces or structural pieces. They come in various shapes and sizes. Spinner hanger machines are designed to clean parts hanging from an overhead conveyor and are used for castings or large parts that cannot be tumbled. Continuous or in-line blast designs, such as roll conveyors, wire mesh belts, or monorails, are appropriate for higher throughput and available in various designs to custom fit the proper machine to your product. All of our wheel blast designs are equipped with the latest blast wheel technology, offering varying speeds and configurations. The blast wheel is a critical component to any machine, and our wheels are specifically designed to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs.


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