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Round Bowl Vibratory Machines

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High-energy round bowls for faster time cycles and unloading advantages

Almco offers a high-energy bowl series featuring shorter time cycles and increased action, when production dictates. "HE" Series bowls have design efficiency and multiple advantages;

Unique Media Flow Action
With Almcos natural contour molded Urethane-lined tub, parts stay immersed in mass to give either gentle or aggressive demurring. While the media and parts both rotate in an upswept angular clockwise movement, constant cleaning is accomplished through the dual replaceable urethane drain plates aided by the constant spray system. Center dome is an optional accessory and removable

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Item #Item NameLined Tub Working CapacityHorsepowerFrequencyAmplitudeFloor Space WidthFloor Space DepthFloor Space Height
OR-10Almco Automatic Internal Separator Bowl Vibrators95800 to 14001/64 to 1/871 1/252 5/848 1/2
OR-10CRound Bowl Vibratory Machines 9514001/64 to 1/86852 5/841 1/2
OR-20Almco Automatic Internal Separator Bowl Vibrators1810900 to 14001/64 to 1/8946058
OR-20CRound Bowl Vibratory Machines 181014001/64 to 1/8766052 1/2
OR-23Almco Round Bowl2310900 to 14001/8 to 3/8806055
OR-23CRound Bowl Vibratory Machines 231014001/8 to 3/8806052 1/2
OR-3Round Bowl Vibratory Machines2 1/2217501/64 to 1/8533640
OR-5Round Bowl Vibratory Machines 53800 to 15001/64 to 1/86944 1/241
OR-5CRound Bowl Vibratory Machines 5315001/64 to 1/86144 1/240


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