Your One-Stop Guide to Building Blast Rooms

Posted on: May 15, 2018 @ 9:31 am

Roughening a smooth surface, smoothening a rough surface, cleaning sprawling commercial structures, and even shaping pieces of art — blasting does it all.

But a proper blasting environment, equipped with the proper machinery, is critical for ensuring optimal results. And this is where many businesses go wrong. Blasting success is contingent on the ability of the blast room to accommodate uniquely shaped workpieces, seal and contain the blast media, and effectively reclaim the media.

The DeLong Equipment team has a cumulative 240 years of blasting experience, serving a range of highly demanding industries, including aerospace, automotive, investment casting, military, and steel fabrication sectors.

Our team not only takes on the responsibility of fully planning and constructing blast rooms, we also offer annual maintenance programs to keep your blast facility at peak productivity.

Key Considerations When Planning a Blasting Job

Blast Rooms

Constructing a Sandblasting Room That Serves Your Unique Purpose

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A properly constructed, robust blast room not only improves overall facility efficiency, it also improves the quality of the output while allowing for optimal cost savings.

Interested in learning how DeLong Equipment’s blasting rooms can take your business to the next level? Request a custom quote today to discuss your options with an expert.

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