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Water Jet Cutting Parts and Service

A waterjet cutting client in the southeastern U.S. asked DeLong Equipment to provide superior quality, value-added, ultra high-pressure waterjet components for precision cutting, shaping and carving. We were able to provide abrasives and quality parts as well as service for the waterjet cutting of materials such as metals, tile, stone, plastics, composite, rubber, foam and plastic.


To ensure excellent turnaround times, we stock waterjet garnet abrasives at our Atlanta and Greenville locations. We also stock a range of nozzles, orifices, fittings and other components. Our just-in-time capability, combined with our 13 years of experience, gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to high-performance, consumable waterjet parts that are both durable and reliable.  For more information about what DeLong Equipment can do for you, please see below, then contact us directly.

Water Jet Cutting Parts and Service Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Providing superior quality value-priced ultra-high pressure water jet components
Water jet garnet abrasive stocked in both Atlanta and Greenville locations
Just in time delivery of abrasives and parts c offering a range of nozzles, orifices, fittings and many other components in stock.
Parts for Maintenance DeLong sales and service team offers the expertise to maintain a competitive advantage with high performance consumable water jet parts that define reliability and durability
Results Used for Cutting, Shaping and Carving using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure.
Applications Precision cutting
Industry for Use
Metal Fabrication
Die Cast
General Manufacturing
Steel Pipe
Wire Rod
Lead Time In stock and ready for delivery
Radius/Location Southeastern US
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Project Name Water jet Cutting



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