Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing Services at Delong Equipment

Posted on: Jan 31, 2019 @ 2:01 pm

Metal finishing services are essential for a variety of industrial purposes. Finishing processes may be used to improve an array of material properties, including durability or improved resistances. Enhancing such properties may significantly increase the operating lifecycle of metal parts. Unfinished metal components, especially in industrial environments, are prone to damage from air pollutants, chemical exposure, and unavoidable

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Surface Preparation and Metal Finishing 101

Posted on: Aug 23, 2017 @ 12:50 pm

There are multiple applications that require metal components, and often these parts need to be cleaned or prepared before being coated or painted or shipped out. One of the primary methods used to ensure that metal objects are properly prepared for implementation is by putting the components through a metal finishing process. What is Metal

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